Got Sperm?

Donating Sperm for Money

According to site stats, 57% of you do. For the other 43%, see “Got Eggs?”

More than ever in this crazy world, everything is for sale. Everything. That includes your genetic material, should it be deemed up to snuff. And if it is, you can make money with it. While this is certainly not for everyone, it can be reasonably lucrative for minimal effort (if you want to call it that).

Got Sperm? Read on.

The gist behind sperm donation is that for a variety of reasons, women or couples seek donor sperm to conceive their child with. Whether that’s because of infertility, that they’re LGBT, or for other reasons. You simply offer what you have and if the bank determines its worth their time (ie, that it will sell) they’ll accept your application.

How hard is it to be accepted?

Somewhat hard. Many people don’t make it through. People are particularly picky when deciding the makeup of the kid they’ll have for life. Apart from obvious things such as good health, applicants typically desire height, attractiveness, and education in their selected donor. Additional qualities such as athletic talent or musical skill help, but no specific slate of qualities is strictly required.

Granted that you’re intelligent and attractive they’ll do additional tests to check the quality of your sperm, which, counter-intuitively to some, varies significantly. Fertilization is expensive and they want sperm that will do the job.

In short, maybe 15-20% of applicants make it through.

Crossing the Finish Line

So let’s say you do make it through. What now?

Typically you’ll be expected to donate 2 to 3 times a week. Ejaculations that aren’t donations are not permitted on some days (with tests to ensure compliance). You head down to the bank, rock and roll, and are out in 5-10 minutes.

Earnings? It varies, but $1200-1500/month is reasonable. When you consider that some people work a 9-5 to make not much more than that, it’s pretty good pay for what you’re already doing anyway.

So get earning!

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