Blog it, Earn it

It’s 2016 so you’ve heard at some point (or maybe a thousand) about starting your own blog. If your first thought is “that’s way too complicated for me” -wrong. Even the most technologically less-than-savvy among us can do it with ease nowadays. The 90’s are long gone, my friend. With the “can I” question out of the way, let’s address the “should you” component.

Who should start a blog?

In short, someone who has something to say. It can be anything. Perhaps you’ve got a passion for cute pigs. Maybe you’ve got a certain political bend that appeals to many. Or maybe you’re a mom who has a passion for writing and a thing or two to say about how to be financially frugal. The Internet is vast and, in any meaningful sense of the word, everyone is on it. Including your Uncle Al who has a bizarre fondness for goats (There’s undoubtedly an appropriate blog out there for him too).

If you’ve got something to say and are interested to do so, creating a blog can be a fun way to do it and even make money.

So, How much?

As always, this depends. I used to work with a woman who ran a (now taken down) blog called Style Substance Soul for women. They made about $10/day or $300 a month and they were by no means tech experts. Just a group of educated professionals writing now and again on things they found important. The Economic Collapse Blog linked to above? I don’t definitively know, but based on my experience it’s probably doing $1000’s/month. The piglets blog? A couple bucks a day.

It isn’t something that’s going to (unless you’re good) make you a lot of money. But many people are doing things that could -and should- be put into a different medium that’s earning them money. And you can have fun doing it too.

Got questions? Feel free to email me, I’d be happy to answer them.

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